As of late the trend of becoming an entrepreneur is all the rage.  With hit TV shows like “Shark Tank” averaging nearly 8 million viewers this year, everyone has realized that the American dream is becoming harder to achieve as an employee.  As such they are starting businesses instead.  Unfortunately no one tells them how hard it will be beforehand… I am here to change that, but also to tell you why it’s sooooo worth it.

In the true world of commercialism you have to make your own job.  Those “Dream jobs” that you used to hear about are far and few between.  I am not saying they don’t exist, but think about this.  Out of everyone you know, in your sphere of influence.  How many have their “dream job”?  Personally I can’t think of more than maybe a dozen off the top of my head and I would be that I am higher than most.

So with this new reality people dive head first into the pool of entrepreneurship.  Only to realize that they started at the shallow end.  Talk about a big bump on the head…  They have been told that having passion and a hard work ethic will be enough.  While they are two VERY important qualities, they are definitely not the only things that matter.  Here are 5 powerful, smack you in the face, truths that every entrepreneur or someone considering becoming one, should know.


1. Failure is guaranteed – Success is Not.

We have all seen the inspirational quotes out there, one of my favorite comes from Michael Jordan, who said “I have failed over and over again, but that’s why I succeed.”

How you handle and overcome failure will be a key factor in your success.  Failure is something to be looked on fondly and relished in.  Without failure there can be no long term success.  Prepare yourself for failure, and prepare yourself for lots of it.  There will be times when you want to give up.  Get yourself surrounded by likeminded people who can help lift you out of the failure doldrums quickly.  For if you don’t get out quickly, they will hold you down forever.

Successful people see failure different than the majority. Don’t take failure personally, it never is against you, only your actions.  It’s important to see it that way if you want to be successful.  Use failure to adjust course towards success, strengthen your commitment to your business, and hone in on a new perspective.  Once you have done that… leverage that failure into success, turn your mistakes into money!


2. Inspiration is Great, But Habits Win The Race!

Inspiration is usually where it all starts. Unfortunately inspiration fades over time.  Especially in the face of failure.  You MUST learn to take that inspiration and hammer it into habits.  I use the word hammer specifically because learning new habits is not easy, but if you hammer them into yourself you will have a higher chance of succeeding.

I have read stats that something like 5% of people who go to seminars or read a book actually implement what they learned.  I would assume that is because they feel inspired while they are doing it, but then when they are faced with the prospect of executing what they learned, and realizing that it’s going to be hard work and take time, they give up.


Remember to Celebrate All Wins (CAW BABY CAW!!!).  Even small things celebrated help you feel better about the progress you are making and the habits you’re forming.


3. Success Stems From Resourcefulness.

“I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have the time”, I don’t know the right people”, “It’s different for me”, “It’s different in my market”.  These are all excuses of people who don’t know how to be resourceful.  Don’t get me wrong, I have often found myself thinking some of these thoughts.  However when I do… I stamp them out with prejudice.  I eradicate them and rethink what I am doing.

You need to be resourceful in coming up with solutions that will help you overcome these objections.  The better you are at solving the problems and using what resources you DO have to maximum effect, the more success you will have.

I have found it often helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of.  Here is a great example of this.  Here at I have been thinking about putting on a live event where I can help beginning entrepreneurs overcome some serious mindset challenges they will face.  Having been to a number of these events in the past myself and having learned a lot from them, I found myself planning some major event that would cost 5 figures or more to put on.  Struck by the fact that we couldn’t make that kind of investment right now, I felt suck, like there was no way for me to execute on what I envisioned.

Well I was talking to a good friend of mine who is an event planner and she pointed out that I was creating excuses.  I was trying to make the “perfect event” rather than just starting out with something small.  Sometimes it may seem obvious to others what you need to do, while it remains blind to you.

Find someone you trust who you can bounce ideas off of when you find that you are limited by your resources.


4. You Are The Sum of the 6 People You Interact With.

Don’t ever doubt the power of your friends to influence you.  They can and they will, without realizing they are even doing it.  You MUST surround yourself with like minding, positive people.  Having nay-sayers around will just drag you down.  You already have enough pressure and stress to deal with, you don’t need your “Friends” tell you “what a bad idea this was”, or “why it will never work”.

It sucks to realize that you are out growing your current friends.  They are after all… your friends.  Now I am not saying that you can no longer associate with these folks, but you need to find other people to talk to about your business.  People who will help you keep it positive and who will encourage your work instead of berate your work.

Keep a board of advisors around you that has been there and done that.  These should be people you would consider mentors, who are successful or at least on the path to success.


5. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

If you are going to go balls to the wall and start your busiess, then…


There is no sense in starting something just to “make ends meet”.  While the bigger the goals the bigger the challeneges, it also means the bigger the rewards.  If you are going to put yourself through this, then you might as well be as well rewarded as you can.  Sure is just a motivational business for entrepreneurs… if you think small.  I see it as a life changing business for people all over the world.  Even if I only change 1 life, it will have been worth it.  However I know that we will not change just 1, we will change the world!

Keep your focus on the end goal, the rewards you will get at the end of this journey.  Visualize how good it will feel to be there, to achieve what you started this business for.  Visualize the freedom.

Chaos is guaranteed when you strive for entrepreneurial greatness. Don’t fight the chaos, but instead embrace it and turn it into organization and before you know it our dream will be a reality.

So do you still want to be an entrepreneur? Good, I promise it’s worth it.


Are there other harsh truths that you think people should know about?  Comment below and let us know!

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