It is about completing complex tasks that the modern workday is concerned.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed by granularity, living in this world of hyper-connectivity and micromanagement–using online apps to track during the day every business expense, processing hundreds of emails and posting on Twitter 140-character status updates, just to name a few. Not only during the day do you have to keep track of individual tasks, you also most likely have an app online or on your phone that helps you. Just how is it possible to stay on top of so much?

It is even more important as the work gets more granular, just how you handle your day. Let’s say there is a business trip you need to plan. At one time you would have just made your hotel reservations, purchased your travel tickets and verbally alerted your staff.

Today, you have to gather together all of your chargers and devices, on Twitter post a message about your plans, make certain that for the presentation you will be making that the hotel has that VGA adapter you need, and so many countless other tasks. In addition to this, you have to post on an online portal your presentation using that new smartphone you are still learning to use. All of this takes so much time. Take a look at how to manage things better. Here are 7 tips to become a productivity superstar.

1. Do the tasks that are the hardest first.

You have probably seen this before, but it really does work. Take a quick look at what will be facing you, when you start your day. The most difficult task will be the one that takes the most energy, and the one that will slow you down the most. Let’s say that the company is rolling out for every employee a new app that has to be learned. You will keep thinking about the challenge if you put it off until later. Finish first that most difficult task. It will help your day proceed much smoother, and will also set the course to take on easier projects.

2. Offer to help the most productive co-workers.

The key to being highly productive is collaboration. But just how can the process be kick-started by you? For starters, locate that employee in the office who is the hardest worker going. Make them an offer to help them with a task. Be genuine about wanting to assist. Make certain you don’t have any ulterior motives for offering to assist them. When you get stuck, that co-worker might be there to help you. In business, it is the golden rule of productivity offer help to others and they will offer help to you. This rule not only applies to fellow office workers, but to remote workers as well.

3. Complete what you start.

This is an easy tip to forget when we are multitasking and so busy throughout the day. You use some physical and mental energy seeking to gain momentum, when you start something. You will not have to try and start it again, if you just get it finished. For example, if for that next trip you want to find those chargers, make certain you do find them all. The task will become more Herculean, if you keep looking throughout the day for them.

4. When you reach a dead end, stop working on something.

When a task is not going to work out, you have to know it and acknowledge it. For example, say you begin a business presentation and about millennial buying habits you are trying to make a point. The chart you keep tweaking, and suddenly you become aware that the data is all incorrect. It is best to find a different angle and to ditch the presentation all together. When to abandon a task not going anywhere is something the productivity superstars recognize and understand.

5. Resist the urge to call for early help.

Knowing how to persevere through anything is what being highly productive means. Just continue plowing ahead should you start to falter on a task. This is the reason why. When you persist and get something finished, you learn a great deal about being able to complete things that are complicated, and the next time you hit a wall, this will be a great help. For example, learning to handle that new smartphone, don’t call your buddy across town or tech support. Make the efforts needed to learn on your own how to use it. This is a great lesson in how to be autonomous!

6. Ignore office chatter.

There is a tangible feeling of self-worth when you get something accomplished. Productivity truly does have it’s own rewards. For a little office gossip, don’t trade those benefits. It is so important to grind through any distractions and frustrations, and stay focused on your work. But at the same time, don’t forget to encourage others to excel, build good relationships with co-workers and even take that brisk walk to get everything firing again. Do not confuse at work a healthy distraction for wasting time.

7. Watch the squirrel moments.

Many people remember the dog in the movie Up who would when he was distracted in a conversation say “squirrel”. Most of us know people like that. Most distractions will derail you, even though there are a few good distractions. Always try to weed out the distractions as best you can. And save all “squirrel” moments for those times you are not working!


Got some cool quirky tips that you use to be super productive?  Share them in the comments below!

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