So recently I have been feeling kind of frustrated.  By many terms I have a lot of success, I would never say that I don’t, however things are not where I want them to be, and not where I expected them to be at this point in my life.  That was, until today…  I had a fantastic opportunity to sit with and have conversations with, two great business minds who are wildly successful at what they do.  The first was, Shama Hyder, the CEO and founder of The Marketing Zen group, and someone who has been on/in CBS, Fox News, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Huffington post, Entprerenur, Inc, Forbs, and the list goes on!  The second was Chad Mureta, Founder of 5 successful App development companies, an author, speaker, and someone who invested in numerous other startups that have been successful.  He also got into a bad near death accident and went from nothing to a lot, pretty quickly.  To say that I felt overwhelmed by their success would be an understatement.  My successes, while big for me, in comparison are tiny.  However, the biggest thing I felt while in their presence was jealousy.  Let me explain though….

I wasn’t jealous of their millions of dollars, their freedom, their success… ok well that may be a lie, but not in the way you think.   When we think of jealousy, we often think of someone who almost despises the other person for the way they are or the things they have or the things they have done.  I was jealous not so much of WHAT they have, as I was of their LEVEL of success, of what they had accomplished.  I want the same thing for myself as well!  Furthermore, I wasn’t hateful or spiteful, I was honored, awed, and energized.  In a way that I have only been a few other times in my life by a few other people (namely the Fortune Builders Team, and Blair Singer and his team).  I felt alive in their presence, I felt like anything is possible.  Here are two people who have done AMAZING things with their lives, these are people that should be my role models, and these are the kind of people that I hope to include in my circle of friends some day!  Hopefully I made a lasting enough impression on them to at least remember me (if Shama or Chad reading this, then I guess I did!! 🙂 Hahaha  Feel free to share this if you are reading it, I am not below a shameless marketing plug).  However, all of this energy that I felt, this surge of “I CAN DO IT”, “I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD”, “I AM GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!”  It got me thinking… could jealousy actually be a powerful tool for motivation?  Could I take what I was feeling and use it like a gasoline to propel me further along the road of success?

Now let me be clear… I fully intend on having all they “toys” and trappings that come with success, I mean what kind of millionaire doesn’t, but what astounded me about my emotions today wasn’t that I was jealous of their toys, or trappings, or even the opportunities they get, (they were joking about some pretty crazy business opportunities they have been presented, and just the sheer numbers of how many they get was pretty astounding to me) but of what they accomplished, and it made me reflect deeper about what I really want, especially given my recent mindset.  I want all those things, but what I really want, more than anything else, is something that I can honestly say “I started this from nothing, and look at what it became!”  So I find myself sitting here, late night on a Monday, electrified and juiced up on a Trenta berry hibiscus refresher (when you have a Starbucks reward you can get any size you want… so my barista said “why not get the biggest one!”… well played barista, well played!), thinking of ways to achieve what they have, of ways to accelerate that growth prospect, ways for me to achieve my dreams as well.  I know they didn’t just sit there and have it drop into their laps, they had an unbelievable amount of hustle to get where they are.  The hustle is important and should never be overlooked, and I can hustle with the best of them when I need to.  Sometimes though… I just need a reminder of why I hustle so hard.

So I pose this question… Can jealousy be a powerful tool for motivation, and I honestly, truly, with my whole heart believe YES IT CAN!!!  So long as it’s pointed in the right way, at the right things, and coming from the right people.  At the end of the day we are all motivated by different reasons, different people, and for different purposes.  I challenge you to find your motivation, find those people or that thing that motivates you.  When you do…. GET JEALOUS!!!! So jealous that you can’t even think about anything else, and the hustle to go get that success, consumes you.  I challenge you to never lose that motivation or your hustle.  I challenge you to be successful.  So thank you Shama & Chad.  Thank you very much for reaffirming why I get my hustle on day in and day out!

Now it’s your turn… Have you ever experienced this kind of motivational high?  If so who was it that made you feel that way, and why?  Tell me in the comments below, I would love to know!

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