The Fear of Selling

One major problem that entrepreneurs face is the fear of selling.  They are simply afraid to “ask for the fucking money” (a great phrase I once heard from a fantastic salesman).  It is a common problem with so many people.  We are often brought up to think that asking for money is a bad thing, that money is evil.  Unfortunately this attitude is contrary to business and realistically contrary to who we are as human beings in this modern world.

First of all, the idea that money is bad or evil or any derivation of that is ludicrous.  The capitalist society can’t function without money, and the notion that it is evil is simply the ramblings of people who have none.  It is easier to blame those who do have it and call them “immoral”, “bad”, “greedy”, or any number of other adjectives that simply don’t make sense.  The simple fact is this.  Without money nothing would get done.  Without money there would be no forward progress of the world.  Without money what we have, do, use, and consume on a daily basis would not be there.  It is the single most ubiquitous motivator in existence.  Nearly everything we do is derived from the notion of money, either obtaining it or spending it.  So stop that thinking right here and now.

Secondly, we need to evaluate the way people approach money.  Everyone in the US and I would argue everyone in the world does things for money.  We ENJOY buying things.  If we didn’t would there be a “Black Friday”?  Once we can firmly grasp the concept that people ENJOY spending money on goods, services, items, or anything else they want we can begin to understand that we simply need to make it known that our product is available in exchange for money.

Since we know that people enjoy spending money on things they perceive as valuable then selling becomes a simple mathematical formula of showing that the value our potential customer will receive is more than the price attached to get it.  For everyone this will be different so it is very important to understand what drives our customers.  However once we understand what drives them, we simply need to point out the abundance of value, and ask for the money!

Try this for example.  Go to an area that your target customer would be found in mass quantities.  Bring your product with you if its physical, or bring a representation if it’s not (could be a brochure, a tablet to show the webpage for it, or anything else).  Then ask them 2 simple questions.

  1. Do you see the value in this product?
  2. Assuming the answer to number 1 was yes, then ASK FOR THE FUCKING MONEY!

Do this exercise with everyone you can come across for a couple of hours and you will begin to understand how your customer thinks and overcome your fear of selling.

Now go out and dominate the world my friend!


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