Episode one raw and uncut! This is the first episode of Fired Up TV with Bob McIntosh who takes time to answer YOUR questions around business, life, and whatever you want to ask. Just don’t be offended when he answers truthfully 🙂 Feel free to comment and ask questions in the comments! Click this post to see the full video!



Video Transcription:

First and foremost, just want to say welcome. If you’re following me on Periscope, thank you very much. You can find me at the Bob McIntosh. If you’re logged in right now just go ahead and give me a few hearts. I appreciate if you are on and watching this. Hey, Grady, I see a couple of people I starting to recognize here. Welcome. This is going to be the very first episode of something I’m starting called … It’s sort of like an ask me anything.

I get asked a lot of questions a lot of different times, and I just want to go out and answer those. Instead of just trying to answer them one-on-one I thought I would do it in this format where anyone can login in. If you guys have questions on anything then you can feel free to ask me here, and I’ll be happy to answer those. Otherwise I have a bunch of questions that were already sent to me from before so I’m just going to dive right into those and we’re going to start with that.

The first question comes from Liz. Liz asks: How do you motivate contractors to have pride in their work and want to create a long-term relationship? Well, Liz, there’s a lot of ways to do this. The first thing I would tell you about motivating, whether it be a contractor or anybody in your business, anybody that’s going to work for you, anyone, whether it’s an employee, a partner, a contractor, anyone of that nature, what you’re going to want to do to motivate them first and foremost is make sure you have the right person. No matter what if you have the wrong person then you’re never going to be able to motivate them in the right way.

We call this finding A players. It’s not a term that I came up with. It’s something I will tell you right now who I stole from, a book called “Topgrading.” Again, “Topgrading” is great read about finding the right people, hiring the right people, and all of that, so very much a great book to read.

By the way, if you’re just hopping in, please give me some hearts, very much appreciated to boost me up. Just tap the screen as many times as you can. Very much appreciated if you could do that for me. Thank you. If you guys have questions, put them in. I will do my best to answer them. But again, find the right people, that’s the first step to finding and motivating someone to want to take pride in their work and their relationship with you, is finding the right person.

The only way to do that is to sit down, interview them, understand what their goals are, what they want, how they want to operate, how they’re going to do things, and then go from there. If you can’t find the right person then at the end of the day the rest of it it’s not going to make any difference, so start there. If you’re having trouble motivating your current people, then they’re probably not the right people for you to work with. Just get back in there and then again find the right people. Oh thank you for all the hearts guys. This is awesome. There’s only a handful people on but I love it. Thank you.

Anyways. So yeah, so just go ahead and find the right people. When you do that be clear with them what your upfront goals are. If you want to build a long-term relationship with somebody you need to be clear about what your goals are, what their goals are, and make sure those are in alignment. You’re never going to be able to figure anything out. That goes for whether it be any kind of relationship, it could be a business relationship, it could be a personal relationship. If you’re hiding your goals at the end of the day, then it’s not going to be good for anybody. So don’t do that.

I always try to be as upfront and honest and sincere, as honest as I can with everything that I do, and everyone that I work with, and anyone that I meet. That has helped me develop a lot of great long-term relationships with some of the people that we work with. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes we can do all the right things, find all the right people, and we can hear all the right things and at the end of the day it just doesn’t work out for us, and that’s okay. Just be aware of that. Make sure you’ve always got someone waiting I’ll say in the wings for you if they don’t work out for whatever reason and go from there. But again, Liz, thank you so much for asking that question. Much appreciated.

If you guys are on Periscope, following me live right now, feel free to ask questions. I will do my best to answer them if I see them come in. Thank you for all the hearts. It is very much appreciated. Next question is … Lori asked: Where is the best place to start with affiliate marketing? If you don’t understand or know what that is affiliate marketing is essentially the idea of selling someone else’s products or services and getting paid a commission for that sale.

As far as getting started first things first you’ve got to find a customer. If you don’t have a customer than the rest of it doesn’t make a difference. If you don’t have customers you’re never going to be able to sell anything, whether it be affiliate products, your own products, or anything of that nature. First and foremost, find your customers. Figure out what they want. Then go find the products that fill in to what they want.

Remember, it doesn’t always have to necessarily be like, “Hey, I want to go buy XYZ.” It could be someone that’s looking for something. It could be someone who’s looking for something else. For example, one of the sites that I have is called bestultrabook.net. On that site we sell ultrabooks. They weren’t saying I want to go buy the best ultrabook. You have to kind of infer sometimes. There are keyword research, which is the second critical part of that. That’s how you find your customers, keyword research, and go on from there.

Once you find that, find your customers, then build the site, plug in the services and go from there. That’s the best way to go about it. A few places I’ll say right now you can start looking for affiliate products to sell. Amazon is an easy one, but they’re going to pay you very low commissions which sucks. Another easy one is going to be clickbank.com, that’s C-L-I-C-K-B-A-N-K .com. Another one is offershot.com. These are a couple of great places to start finding products to go in there.

I saw a question. I don’t know who asked it, but it just popped up in here. It said: Is any business too small? I would say no, if you’re okay with it being small, yes, if you’re not okay with it being too small. There’s nothing wrong with a small business and having something that’s going to be very small, maybe only going to do a couple thousand a year or 10,000 a year, something like that. There’s nothing wrong with that if you’re okay with that being the limit of what it is. Know that if you’re okay with that then it shouldn’t be the primary focus of what you do.

You should absolutely figure out other things to do besides that because you never know what exactly what will happen to that one. If it’s only generating a small amount of income you should definitely consider different opportunities, stacking different businesses on top of that. If it’s doing 10,000 a year but you have 10 of those businesses doing 10,000 a year, well now we’re talking about something that’s serious. They may be 10 completely different businesses but just really it just depends.

I saw another question pop up above Periscope but I didn’t see what it was, so whoever that was if you want to re-paste it in there because I couldn’t see it. I would appreciate that. Next question that I have from the other people from online on Facebook was: What advice would you give for writing a book? I’m coming out with a book right now. It should be launching soon. You can check it out at bobmcintoshbook.com.

As far as what advice I would give first things first state what you know, understand the topic. Number two, outline what it is you want to say, why you want to say it. That’s the biggest piece, just outline what you want to say and then fill in the pieces from there. For me number three which is writing the book … I didn’t actually write the book specifically. I recorded an audio based off the outline because I talk a lot easier than I can write. I can sit here and do this all day long, but ask me to write a blog post and I will easily get lost in what I’m trying to write and why I’m trying to write it. It’s just the way my own mind works.

I know someone else who’s very great at writing. She does an awesome at job writing. I think talking for her would be much harder. So it just depends on who you are, how you operate. But outline first. Understand your niche, your idea, what it is, then outline it. Then figure out the best style for you to write it. If you’re going to do audio, then you can go ahead and get it transcribed very quickly and very easily.

Grady asked a great question. For doing Periscope should we always do landscape or do I flip it horizontal and go the other way? Grady is good question, and one that always people do. You notice right now that I am in I’ll say in the vertical mode, not the horizontal mode. The reason being is that most of the time some of these apps … Depending on the phone and the app and all that, I know Periscope was working on this, I don’t know if they fixed it yet or not, basically if you turn your phone, if I turn my phone sideways like this, so if I go like this, this is all great. But sometimes people’s phones don’t adjust with this. Now they’re having to do one of these to see the right way. Also it tends to be depending on where they are because Periscope’s mobile, if they’re wandering around someplace it’s a little bit harder to hold your phone this way usually than it is to hold it this way.

I tend to go this way. The video when I export this out to put up to YouTube and other places like that may not be as good, but we can throw a nice simple background in the back to fix that piece or we can crop it out and zoom it in or whatever we need to from there. It just depends. As I think Periscope and Meerkat get a little bit better with what they’re doing they’ll figure out how to do the horizontal landscape a little bit easier for sure.

Any tips for growing your business when you lack the funds necessary? Great question Lacy. First things first, tap into anyone you know. If you have somebody you know that can help you with something, tap into it. Whatever way they’re willing to help you out that’s how I would start. Number two, utilize social media to your maximum possible effect and really understand that it is going to be the biggest driver for free traffic to your site. No matter what else you do doing organic stuff is great and it’s also, I mean, it will get you traffic, but it takes a lot of time, a lot of time that you don’t have. Funds, you need to get something sooner. Social media can be a great way to do that. Something like Periscope right here, which is free to broadcast anything that you want to, is also free.

Then as far as other things that I would say is just focus on getting as much out there as quickly as possible and not trying to worry about making everything perfect. This is a lot of what my book talks about. It doesn’t matter if the website is not perfect, it doesn’t matter if all its other stuff is not. Whatever that is it really is irrelevant. Just get things out there, because if you don’t have any money the business isn’t going to last forever. You can only go so long without making any money and funneling in your own money before eventually it runs out.

Instead of focusing on making everything perfect and “Oh my god it’s all got to be awesome” focus on delivering amazing high-value content to as many people as possible and go from there. Just know that that’s okay. Then scale and then just plough everything that you get from it right back into it if you can. That’s the best thing to say.

Sorry, there was another question there if I preferred something. Go ahead and re-put that in there because I didn’t see it. Sometimes I’m answering questions and I get way into it and miss whatever anyone is saying, so go ahead and re-paste that if you could. Again, yeah, if you don’t have a lot of money, that’s okay. Just get it started, get going, just put things out there that are going to start driving people into what you’re doing and then work on monetizing them even in small ways. A $10 sale, a $5 sale, a $30 sale, whatever it’s going to be, monetize in the small ways first and then used those funds to hire virtual assistants and people like that who can help you grow faster and do more than you can by yourself. That’s how I would start. It’s again an easy way to do that.

Another question I got from online from Facebook was: How can I find a local multi-millionaire to teach me the investing business to get into seven figures? The question comes from Brian. Brian, what I would say for you, if you want to find someone who’s a millionaire in your local market then you need to go to places where local millionaires are going to hang out. Number one place I would say to go find another millionaire charity event, high-end charity event. Yeah, you’re going to have to pay to get into it, but a lot of times getting into a charity event will be significantly easier for someone who doesn’t have multi million dollars because the upfront cost will be significantly lower than it would with anyone else.

The other option is to volunteer for that charity event, help them out in exchange for being able to come and network. Whatever you can do. Can you help? What is it that you’re good at, how can you help them, how can you service that charity in some way in exchange for being able to be there in person and network with them. That would be what I would say is the best way to get started with finding a local multi-millionaire to teach you.

When you approach this person be very clear about what your intentions are upfront, tell them who you are, what’s going on. Don’t be like, “Oh, my god, I have no money and I would like lots of yours please.” If you do that they’re going to run away. Just be upfront, like, “Hey, listen. You know, I’m growing a business, I’m doing this. This is what I’m doing. This is how I’m approaching it. I’d love if you can help me if I have a question here or there, you know, kind of be my mentor a little bit,” and go from there.

You’re going to find that a lot of people that are in that position are more than happy to help people, but you also have to be conscious of their time. Don’t be calling them once a day to figure things out. If they’re in that mentorship status only utilize them when it’s going to make the most sense for you to do so, when you’re going to get the maximum bang for your buck out of their time. Because if you bug them all the time they’re going to leave you alone, they’re going to stop answering your phone call, they’re going to going to stop helping you out because you’ve essentially taken advantage of that.

Last but not least if you’re going to do something, if you’re going to do something like that with these people make sure you follow their advice. Someone just said, “Do your research on them.” That’s absolutely true. Know who’s coming. If you can get a list ahead of time, let’s say there’s 100 people coming to a charity event that you’re going to go to, great. Figure out the three, not the 100, the three that you want to connect with. It shouldn’t be the three with the most money. It should be the three that are either most aligned with your same interest. In your same niche can be a little bit difficult because they may not want to help you out because you’re in the same niche but in a sister niche or something that’s nearby would be great. Or someone who’s just where you want to be, what’s that next level.

Obviously a lot of us building businesses all want to be millionaires and have all the time and all the money in the world to do whatever we want to do, but we’re not there right now, I’m not there right now. I’m closer than a lot of people probably are but I’m definitely not there all the way. Rather than me trying to find someone who’s all the way there, who’s the next step up that I can find, who’s the next person at the next level that I want to be at on the progress path to that? That’s where I would head with that.

Carl asked: Would you recommend having an offshore bank account? This gets into a whole slew of sometimes smart, sometimes questionable things that really just depends. Unless you’re talking about you have millions and millions of dollars like multi millions of dollars it’s not worth your time and the effort to really go do that. When you start getting to that point then it’s worth looking into. What I would recommend is looking to a good accountant who can help you out. Obviously I will state right here it just depends on where you go to get the account and what the purpose is.

I mean, realistically if you’re just putting it in an offshore account as a tax haven, that’s fine as long as you’re doing it the right way, you’ve done things the right way. If you’re shoveling money overseas just to avoid paying taxes, well, I mean everyone has their take on that. Personally I don’t necessarily feel that’s the right way to approach things, but that’s your call. I probably wouldn’t do that. Again, there’s pros and cons to all of it. It just depends on in which you are, but realistically unless you have tens or hundreds of millions of dollars it’s probably not going to be worth your time.

All right, awesome. That’s about all the time I have for today on this Ask Me Anything video series. Thank you guys so much for those of you who hopped on. Much appreciated. Thank you for all the hearts. If you want to give me a few more before I head out would be much appreciated. Just to get more in there, always beneficial. Again, thank you so much. Check me out. You can check anything else out on what I’m working on. My website is donebp.com, D-O-N-E-B-P .com, which stands for done is better than perfect.

If you want to check out my book, bobmcintoshbook.com. If you have any questions just find me on social media. I’m the only guy named Bob McIntosh with bright red hair like that so you can’t really miss me. Find me in any of those places. You can find me on Instagram, you can find me here on Twitter, on Periscope, on Facebook, on LinkedIn. I’m all over the place. Just look up my name. You’ll find the red head. That’s me.

Feel free to ask me questions. Whatever you send in I compile them and I will be doing this series as much as I possibly can. Again, thank you guys for being on. I really appreciate it and I will see you guys in no time. Take it easy.


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