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  • 9 detailed trainings in 5 core areas you need to focus on for growth
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  • LIFE TIME GROUP ACCESS – to our private members only Facebook group to act as your own personal mentor for your business!
  • Access to discounts for technology and tools you will need for more success in your business!



Here’s what you are about to receive with your Order of Success Membership

Class 1

Business Needs Assessment

  • Learn from our experiences on the tools you NEED vs the ones you WANT.  We will show you what tools you need so that you can focus on growing the business
  • Members get exclusive discounts and reduced pricing on some of the best tools and technology available to help you automate and streamline your business


Class 4

Team Building for Success

There are many aspects to building the right team.  In class 3 of The Order of Success we are going to show you how to do the following:

  • Finding & Keeping the RIGHT people so that your business can truly flourish
  • How to keep work from taking over your life and ruining your relationships
  • Saying “No” – one of the hardest things an entrepreneur needs to do
  • Identifying internal talent for growth
  • Identifying external talent for growth
  • Performance evaluations your team will LOVE doing!


Bonus 2

Order of Success Community

  • Get tips and tricks directly from the experts and other entrepreneurs
  • Receive instant feedback on your success ideas and improvement steps
  • Have a ready supply of your peers waiting to answer your questions 24/7
  • Private Access – Only OOS Members are allowed in!
  • Lifetime Access To This Group Once You Join!


Class 2

Goal Setting & Accountability

  • It’s all about who you know, not what you know, we show you how to leverage your connections to achieve goals you never thought possible.
  • Having goals is great, but without accountability they are pointless.  We have a detailed system to start accountability groups so that you can achieve more in your business.


Class 5

Psychology Of Success

  • Do you have the mindset for success or failure?  The answer may surprise you, we are going to show you how to tell which you have.
  • Once you know what to look for we will share the same methods we used to eradicate a bad mindset


Bonus 3

Technology Tips for Small Business

  • A list of great technology that will help you accomplish more
  • Special offers and discounts on these technologies
  • Bonus videos explaining how to maximize their potential for your business


Class 3

Turning Mistakes into Money!


  • A checklist of how to handle mistakes and turn them into money.
  • A foolproof process that you can immediately implement to fix the root cause of mistakes instead of band-aiding it and having to fix it again later on.

  • How to ensure your team learns to love failing so that you can truly learn and grow


Bonus 1

Lifetime Access!!

  • All of this for life for you and your team with NO monthly commitments!
  • We got your back as you grow 🙂


Bonus 4

24/7/365 Email Support

  • 3 months of 24/7/365 email support to help you achieve your goals and reach a higher level of success!
  • Direct access to your successful peers to answer any questions you have and provide you direct insight for your business!
  • One more additional support system as part of your Order of Success membership!


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