You may believe that you hate selling for many reasons, but this attitude will only lead you to failure. Promoting your ideas, products, and yourself are all forms of selling. Once you embrace this concept, you may no longer hate selling at all.

Many people say they hate selling because they are confusing the act of sales with the act of the sales pitch. The salesperson persona is not viewed positively by most individuals.

Selling is way for people to exchange the things that they want less for the things that they want to a greater degree. Actively acting as a salesperson is equivalent to manipulation in many respects, especially if you are trying to coax someone into buying something that do not need or want.

You may hate selling due to one significant unpleasant experience. Negotiating the sale of a car may be a perfect example. The experience could be positive or negative, depending upon the tactics that are used.

A meeting that is mutually agreed upon can set a positive atmosphere right at the start, and the encounter is much more likely to go well if both parties have an interest in discussing the car sale. You are unlikely to have good results if your approach involves forcing an unsuspecting person to listen to your sales pitch and pressing for a quick answer. Anyone may hate selling after an experience like this.

The best sales opportunities usually emerge from routine business activities. This includes customer contact based on recommendations from other customers, from your website, or other forms of communication. This type of selling is pleasant, natural, and logical.

Making cold calls may be challenging under most circumstances. The good news is that you can avoid behaving as a sales person even if you have to make cold calls.

  1. Try calling people known to have some interest in what you are selling as opposed to the salesperson behavior of calling a large number of people.
  2. Change your thinking and consider the people you are calling as real individuals as opposed to regarding them as numbers or prospects. Think about meeting their needs and addressing their problems.
  3. Concentrate on creating a conversation instead of focusing on a sales pitch. This can make your cold call a welcome interaction for you and your potential customer.
  4. A script can be a good thing, and rehearsing prior to making calls can keep you from sounding monotone or insincere.

Selling can be a good thing!

Even a professional salesperson may hate selling if it means being deceptive, but there can be a lot of enthusiasm in the process of buying and selling with a little bit of consideration and effort.


What do you hate most about selling?  Tell us in the comments below!

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