So recently while at my favorite Thai restaurant in LA, I opened up my fortune cookie to see what my fortune was.  It wasn’t so much a fortune as it was a statement, but I found the message to be highly ironic considering this blog.  It also got me thinking a bit about the way we are influenced into perfection and how we need to avoid those influences if we want to be successful.

The message from this cute little kid on the fortune paper said “You are a perfectionist. Don’t spoil it.”  While it couldn’t be more true, I have to completely disagree with the “Don’t spoil it” part.  That’s what I do!  That’s what successful entrepreneurs do!  We spoil perfection in pursuit of success.  It is rare and nearly impossible to find both at the same time.

However, what really struck me about this particular message was that some company felt the need to tell it to me.  From the companies stand point this is a great message.  We want you to keep on striving for perfection because if you are a business owner this will reduce competition in the market place because you will be stuck trying to achieve something you can’t.

In reality as business owners we shouldn’t be stuck trying not to spoil perfection but rather we should be forcing ourselves TO spoil it!  Perfection is the chain of mediocrity and I for one don’t want to be chained down with that.  So instead, I will STRIVE to spoil perfection by avoiding it, by understanding when it’s needed and when it’s not, and by working my butt off to see results.

When you feel yourself being pressured into perfection, remember this little fortune and remember that you are better than that, and you WON’T be chained to mediocrity!

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