Perfectionists never succeed, but there is an alternative.

Most people think attempting perfection is the best way to achieve success. I beg to differ.

Perfection is an ideal that can simply not be obtained in real life. Because you can never achieve perfection, you will always be disappointed looking for it.

Always seeking perfection means you look at the little things that in the long run aren’t important. You worry about them so much that you miss what truly matters.

A perfectionist is always finding fault with friends and co-workers. It causes them and everybody they know to be stressed out.

Perfectionists seek what cannot be done, and spend too much time on projects. If something is done well, they still cannot enjoy it, because they are still worrying. Someone striving for perfection is actually doomed from the start.

A New Standard

Perfection in business is not necessary. Sometimes, something may simply be adequate. Working on improving an already fine area may simply not be efficient. If you have a desk, it does not have to be spic and span, just relatively well organized. Overdoing some things is merely taking time away from more important activities. If you want to succeed, make your goals a priority, and you will be sure to rise above the competition.

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