Welcome to today’s productivity life hack.  These hacks are designed to help you break the perfect barrier and create the success you should have in your business!

No matter where we are, we are constantly bombarded by content, much of it is a waste of our time and hampers our productivity, but often there is great content out there that will genuinely interest us, help us, educate us, or is of interest for another reason.  However when we go read every article our friends posted on Facebook we will often find our tasks that need to be accomplished aren’t getting accomplished.

Batching is the simple concept of doing a number of similar actives together in order to save time.  Many of us in our businesses are so busy wearing every hat for every position in the business when we get to the end of the day it is often hard to say what you accomplished.  By batching our time with certain activities we will be more likely to see a successful result from those activities.  This is particularly true with consuming content.  While much of the content we consume is great it is often distracting from the task we were working on before we started consuming it.  I am particularly guilty of working on something, reading an awesome article about some cool new tip or trick and then immediately going to do that with no regard to the task that is now left unfinished.  All to often I forget to get back to that task until later (usually just before it NEEDS to be done).

This productivity life hack brings you a fantastic little app that is going to make batching your content consumption a million times easier!

In comes the Pocket app.  This app conveniently allows you to store articles, videos, blog posts, podcasts, just about anything you want to read later.  Once you have saved a piece of content it automatically syncs that content across all of your devices (phone, table, and computer).  This makes bathcing your content intake a breeze.  You can even read / watch / listen to your content without internet which is great for airplanes, tunnels, or the data usage concious people!

You can check out more about the app here:



The app is available for iOS and Android users as well as most computer browsers.  So no matter what your flavor is you are covered!


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