Looking for a great way to leverage your time and get rid of the menial tasks that don’t provide value? Think Virtual Assistants!

How many emails do you get a day? Wouldn’t it be great if someone would organize it and you could spend 15 minutes looking at the couple of emails a day that matters?

How many phone messages to you have to return? Wouldn’t if be great if you had someone who would screen those calls and deal with the things you don’t need to be directly involved in?

What about internet research? Social Media Posting? Mail Merges? What are you spending your time doing that you shouldn’t be doing?  All of these are great options for a Virtual Assistant to help with. 

How do you find a good Virtual Assistant? It starts with identifying what you’re trying to accomplish, this is a hire just like any other so you’ll need to have some interview process. I’ve used elance.com in the past, but you can utilize odesk.com, fiverr.com or a multitude of other sites that allow you to hire.  Most of these sites are able to manage the payment, dispute resolution, and any foreign taxes, etc.

So start thinking about what tasks you’re spending time on that you can unload.  This is a GREAT way to find some time in your day that you currently are wasting on non-productive tasks.

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