In part 1 and part 2 I shared with you the success mindset change that we need to accomplish if we want to see success and how this can have big impacts on our business and how it had a huge impact on my own business when I was getting started.  In this part we are going to talk about outsourcing as a way to get things done.

Every business owner when they get started is wearing most if not all of the hats for the various activities that need to be accomplished.  We are the main idea person, marketing, implementation, customer service, accounting, and responsible for a hundred other things that all need to get done.  If you haven’t read my blog post about to do lists, pause here and go read that here.  Eventually we are going to need help to accomplish these activities.  Most entrepreneurs think of “help” in the wrong way.  They think they need to bring on an employee who isn’t going to do things right, “as good as I could”, have enough tasks to keep busy, or a million other reasons of why they shouldn’t bring that person on.

This is where outsourcing comes in.  Now let me be clear that when I say outsource I simply mean getting someone else to handle the tasks that we need to accomplish.  This person can be located anywhere in the world.  We call them virtual assistants because they aren’t going to be required to come into our office or live in our area.  We can outsource a large number of tasks including but not limited to:

  • Accounting
  • Technical tasks (coding, web page development, app development)
  • Blog or content creation
  • Administrative tasks
  • Social Media
  • Anything we hate doing

The best part about bringing in this kind of help is that we can hire them for as little or as much as we want.  If we only need their help for 5 hours a week we aren’t required to find work for or pay them for the other 35 hours a week a normal employee would work.  We also don’t have to worry about all the paperwork that goes along with having an employee vs having a contractor.

Make a list of everything you work on for your business every day and then start figuring out which tasks take up the most amount of time for you to accomplish or the ones you really don’t like doing and find someone to help you out with those tasks.

This is the first step in adopting the “done is better than perfect” success mindset.  It is going to be one of the most difficult because we will feel like we are losing control, however if you successfully plugin people where you need them you will see that your business growth is going to be much larger than you anticipated!

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