What is the perfect barrier?  In this post I want to dive into this concept in detail as I think it’s critical for everyone to understand what it is before they can begin moving past it.  The perfect barrier acts as a wall that we ourselves put up.  When it’s in place we are going to be unable to move past it, and subsequently see success in anything we are doing.  The barrier doesn’t apply to everyone, but it is especially prudent to beginning entrepreneurs.

So let’s define what the perfect barrier is.  First and foremost it is a concept, and idea, it’s not physical and as such that makes it even harder to break through than something physical.  The perfect barrier is a wall that we put up and we tell ourselves that a task, idea, notion, activity, anything we are doing is not done until it’s perfect.  Unfortunately this wall moves, it is never stationary and that makes it impossible to see the other side of it.

Most of us as entrepreneurs start businesses because of this barrier.  We don’t think things in our lives are perfect and so we want to seek out something else.  We want to seek out something better.   This is what gives us power as an entrepreneur, but it is also what can make us not see success.   In my success mindset series (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3) I shared with you some of my personal stories about success and how this concept applies to me personally.  We will each have our own stories where this concept applies.  I will challenge you to look at what you are doing in your business right now and see where your perfect barriers are.

There are some instances where this doesn’t apply.  For example if you’re a doctor, then this certainly DOES NOT apply to you haha!  However, as entrepreneurs, more often than not this does apply.  More often than not we don’t need anything in our business to be perfect in order to succeed.  More often than not, we don’t even need things to be done to succeed!  So, in order to start seeing success we need many things more than we need perfection.  For example we need an unwillingness to give up, an unwavering will to push on when others give up, a thick skin to take the criticism from customers, friends and family, and much more.

So stop trying to achieve perfection.  Know that you just need to get it “done” enough to work for right now and that you can always come back later and make improvements or changes to get it closer to perfection.  Stop wasting time on the pursuit, your time is more valuable than you realize and we need to be using it as efficient manner as possible!

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