I have been following Grant Cardone for a little while now and he has some amazing content on apps like Periscope and Meerkat.  He also wrote an awesome article about why you deserve to be a millionaire and the 12 steps to get there.  Here is my take on his 12 steps!


1. It’s never been easier

While “entrepreneur” used to be a dirty word now it’s more like you’re a super hero.  The ways to make money online and remotely in your spare time have never been easier.  Finding customers has never been easier with advanced targeting like Facebook and Google.  So stop waiting and go do it.


2. Saving Won’t Do

Between inflation, lowering salaries, and longer hours for employees, saving your way to be a millionaire can work, but at the cost of time.  It will likely take you a long time to save your way to a million dollars, and by the time you have it you will wish you had the time back instead of the money.  So you need to approach getting there from a different angle.


3. Live below your means

Saving money where you can and plowing it into your business is the best way to get there faster.  In an article on Entrepreneur.com he says something that I really like.  “No one has ever done business with me because of the suit I wear, the watch I have on my wrist or the car I drove.”  This is so true.  Especially if you are just getting started or haven’t gotten to your own personal level of success yet.  Focus on building the business and exceeding your customers’ expectations and the rest will follow.


4. Push every tax angle you can.

I am tired of hearing about “the government is taking all my hard earned money”.  This is bullshit, you knew taxes existed before you started and so you don’t get to bitch about them after the fact.  If you want to play the game and win, then find yourself an AMAZING accountant who can help you reduce (legally) that tax liability.  Surround yourself with the right people who can help you keep more of what you make rather than bitching about what others took from you.


5. Mature from income to investor

When you’re starting, invest in yourself.  Once you get to a point where the business doesn’t need you as an investor anymore start diversifying.  Find projects you believe will score big for you.  Or go the safer tried and true method of investing in Real Estate.  No matter what happens in the world, people will need to live somewhere so you can bet there will always be demand for that.


6. Start acting like a boss

Stop thinking like a scared school boy and boss up!  Spend money on things you need to for your business.  Don’t shy away from making money, regardless of anything else we all need to have money to fund our lives and our business.  Find yourself a GREAT coach who can help your business grow and spend the money now knowing that their advice will help you down the road.


7. Automate a pay-yourself-first program.

Even if it means you’re “broke”, pay yourself first.  This will force you to hustle harder and grow your business bigger.


8. Be in a hurry

Good things come to those who HUSTLE and do it fast.  Every hour you’re not working on your business is an hour that your competitor probably is.  If you’re in a developing niche this is even more important.  Remember that Done is Better Than Perfect, you can always fix and tweak things later on if you need to, but if you don’t’ get things done you’ll never have success.


9. Do the millionaire math

Figure out how long it will REALLY take you to get to $1 mil.  If you’re only making $50k per a year, and you save 40% of that each year, it will take you 50 years to get there!  Know your numbers inside and out and how long it will take you to get there.  Then adjust your trajectory to achieve what you really want.


10. Do not Diversify (sorta)

While I do recommend in number 5 to diversify outside of your own business, if you want to get to a million as quickly as possible then you need to pick 1 thing that is going to be a home run and bank on it.  Playing it safe will get you there more often than not, but at the cost of time.  Betting big may not pay out, but if it does it will get you there much faster.


11. Seek multiple flows

Multiple streams of income is critical and something you should seek as soon as possible.  This may seem like a counter point to number 10, but don’t confuse flows with diversification.  You can bet big and when it pays out bet big on the next thing as well.  If possible try and keep your flows in the same wheelhouse as other ones.  It becomes much easier to gain efficiencies when they are similar.  Then rinse and repeat and have as many flows running parallel to each other as possible.


12. Avoid spending money or tying up your money in homes, IRA’s or colleges.

When I read this one from Grant, even I was like “what are you talking about????!!!??”, then I understood.  There are very few people who got rich from buying homes (not flipping, that has made many millionaires, but I am talking about buying their primary residence).  IRA’s are the same way, they are a great idea but won’t get you to millionaire fast.  As for college, this is one point where I disagree with Grant.  I think college has a lot of value outside of the education portion.  I learned in college how to learn and learn fast.  It was a great stepping stone into real life.  However as college prices continue to inflate higher and higher the value decreases.  Right now I still believe this is worth it, but in 5 years who knows…


At the end of the day you deserve financial freedom and these 12 steps can help get you there faster.  What would you add to this list?

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